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Israel 'Izzy' Gutierrez


Izzy Gutierrez

Israel Gutierrez has been a Miami staple for almost two decades, first locally as a writer for The Miami Herald and now repping Miami nationally for ESPN. Gutierrez appears on Around The Horn and is alleged to maybe be Papi’s favorite co-host on Highly Questionable (this remains unconfirmed). When he isn’t at Coachella or EDC Vegas, he makes time for sideline reporting on NBA games. He will be the sideline reporter of MAS, Volume 2, handling the social media at the intersection of music, art and sports for the evening.


Music by Miami

Jacuzzi Boys


Jacuzzi Boys

Given their proudly lo-fi aesthetic, their predilection for psychedelia, and their old-school pop sensibilities, the Iggy Pop-endorsed Jacuzzi Boys sound like direct descendants of 1960’s garagerock...with a 21st century flair. Gabriel Alcala, Diego Monasterios and Danny Gonzalez are a lynchpin of the local South Florida music scene they helped shape, have several successful tours domestically and abroad under their belt and remain unabashedly South Florida at their roots.

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Magic City Hippies

Magic City Hippies

Robby Hunter, Pat Shepard and John Coughlin have taken the music learned and shaped on Miami’s streets and in Miami’s pubs and taken it national. Now as a 5 piece, Magic City Hippies just played SunFest in May and Bonnaroo in June. Their hit “Fanfare” from the Hippie Castle EP was No. 1 on Spotify’s Global Viral Top 50 and Hype Machine’s popular chart en route to more than 10 million Spotify streams.

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Beyond the Music

Papi Domino Tournament

9pm - 12am

Papi Domino Tournament

Papi invites you to party his way in a private, 15-table domino tournament. You can get a customized LEBO domino set if you win the whole thing … or knock Papi and Dan out of their own tournament. Papi does not merely condone trash talking. He demands it. He also demands $100 to get your exclusive seat in his private game.

Live Art by Diana Contreras

Live Art by
Diana Contreras

Peruvian Diana Contreras finds beauty in darkness. And healing. And love. And power. Her whimsical character portraitures embody colorful femininity. Her studies have taken her to Italy, and her work has taken her to Dubai, but her creative-spark beginnings and street flavor reach back to Florida International University. Her work has been featured in exhibitions and private collections internationally.

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Live Art by Sona

Live Art by Sona

Sona's vibrancy comes to you from the New World School of the Arts in Miami, where she merged her love of painting and photography to analyze the complexities of the human experience through mixed media. Her work is about culture. And humanity. And the journey. Her curiosity and truth lead her to richly explore the duality of indigenous culture and practice in the context of modern norms.

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Le Batard Brothers

Le Batard Brothers

David & Dan

MAS, Volume 2 packs Miami’s sights, sounds, sports and style and takes them over the Dade-Broward line to Fort Lauderdale’s Revolution in a celebration of South Florida that will start Aug 4th and go deep into the next morning. The Le Batard Brothers, raised in Miramar, have graduated to national and international prominence, Dan taking South Florida to the masses with his national radio and tv platforms on ESPN, Dave doing so through his bold and world-renowned art. Together, like the South Florida that raised them, they create stimulation...and stimulate creation. And now they present an exclusive and distinctly South Florida experience, Miami artists, musicians and entertainers merging to let you know how South Florida feels, tastes, dances and looks. You want more Miami? We give you MAS.

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